[webkit-dev] Please use platform prefixes in bug titles

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Wed Oct 5 17:37:07 PDT 2011

Hi folks.

It really helps frequent reviewers like me if you use platform prefixes on bugs. A platform prefix indicates that the bug only affects code on a particular platform. For example:

    [Mac] Use four more named cursors if present

The above title tells you the patch is Mac-specific. Or:

    [Chromium] Switch threaded compositor from a compile time option to a run time one

The above title tells you the patch is Chromium-specific. There are various other common prefixes, such as [Skia] or [Qt].

Including a prefix on a bug title shows courtesy for others not working on your platform and is good for sharing the WebKit project. You should leave off a prefix if the patch includes cross-platform changes as well as platform-specific changes.

    -- Darin

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