[webkit-dev] Could use some help from SVG and Web Workers experts on leak hunting

Adam Roben aroben at apple.com
Fri Nov 18 11:48:20 PST 2011

Hi all-

Darin Adler's been helping me sift through the leaks we're seeing on the Lion Intel Leaks bot. (You can see the results of a recent run here: <http://build.webkit.org/LeaksViewer/?url=%2Fresults%2FLion%20Intel%20Leaks%2Fr100768%20%28193%29%2F>.) We could use some expert advice for two of the leaks we're seeing:

Leaks beneath RenderSVGShadowTreeRootContainer::updateFromElement seen on Leaks bot

Leaks beneath SharedWorker::create seen on Leaks bot

Any comments from folks familiar with those parts of the code would be appreciated!


P.S. Another interesting leak we're seeing is:

Leak of DocumentLoader seen on Leaks bot

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