[webkit-dev] webkitgtk1.3.3 custom fonts support

Sireesha Janakiraman sireesha.jana at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 23:13:03 PDT 2011


I am using webkitgtk1.3.3 with CAIRO FREETYPE backend.

I am developing an application wherein there is no browser usecase. I keep
loading the HTML string using "webkit_view_load_string" on several
instances after the creation of new webview using webkit_web_view_new.

When I load Embedded Fonts (customFonts) , I see FontCustomPlatformData
destructor never getting called. Reasons happens to the main Document
object that got created never gets deleted.

While trying in GtkLauncher , Document object deletes and creates new
instance on every navigation to new URL.

Has anyone faced this issue.
1. Is there a way to force Document to recreate  on loading of new String
in webView
2. Is there a way to selectively turn off caching for Custom Fonts

When forcefully tried to call CachedFont delete , cairo_font_face reference
is always > 1 and never gets deleted. (keeps increasing).
For the same load of page with same CustomFont , instead of reusing the
Cache , every time a new FontCustomPlatformData is created.

Is there a reason for FontCustomPlatformData to get recreated even though
the Font exists in Cache ?

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