[webkit-dev] Mac-EWS is down until further notice

Eric Seidel eric at webkit.org
Mon May 23 14:20:21 PDT 2011

***Mac-EWS machines down until further notice.***

I'm sorry for the unexpected outage.  I may be able to bring them up as soon
as next week.

If someone else would like to try running a mac-ews, the instructions remain
the same as always:

1) Tools/Scripts/webkit-patch mac-ews
2) There is no step 2.

If you want to set up a long-running EWS instance (which is robust against
python code changes, etc.) you would instead run:

Tools/EWSTools/start-queue.sh mac-ews my-creative-ews-bot-name

However (due to start-queue.sh being rather dumb), this will require that
you place your checkout at "/mnt/git/webkit-mac-ews", or at least symlink it
from there.  You're also welcome to hack start-queue to make it smarter.)

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