[webkit-dev] Progressing on the Android port

Holger Freyther zecke at selfish.org
Thu May 12 03:08:17 PDT 2011

Hi WebKit-dev folks,

in the spirit of the mails describing new features I would like to talk about
my intention regarding the Android port.

== Aim ==
I want to build WebKit trunk for Android and use it on a phone. This means I
want to have build-webkit integration, will host a buildbot, will work towards
having LayoutTests for Android.

== Requirements ==
I am going to use the Native Development Kit (NDK), there is also the
requirement of having Skia and one of the two networking libraries. At this
point I am not sure if I want to go the Chromium way and pull the code into
the repository with a script or require these libraries to be built. I have a
preference for the later right now.

== How ==
I want to use CMake as the buildsystem. The main reason is that it is already
used by other ports and the CMake community provides an easy way to use the
Android NDK.

My aim is to use the existing SKIA (as used by Chromium/Linux) as there seems
to be a great overlap between Android and Chromium/Linux, I will also try to
merge existing Android files for other parts of the system.

== Conflict(s) ==
This port is not supported by Google/Android, this might or might not cause
problems. It all depends on how compatible my aim is with the plans of the
Android Unit.

Another issue might come from the fact that I want to build it with the
Android NDK, instead of having WebKit built as part of the Android system. I
hope Google will be able to use CMake to generate a Android.mk.

== When ==
I will try to spend one day a week on it. So it might take a while.


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