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Hello Sergiy,

	You should look at the CSS specifications. That defines the order
of painting the various layers in each block stacking context. The code
in WebKit follows each of the layers in the stack with one render pass
for each of them.

	There is a good video somewhere that Eric Seidel describes the
rendering inside WebKit that covers this.

Best regards,

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>Good time of the day,
>In RenderObject.h there are 12 phases of painting. Please explain what do these mean and in which sequence they are called. If there is some documentation already (either in code or on the website), please give me a link. Thank you.
>enum PaintPhase {
>    PaintPhaseBlockBackground,
>    PaintPhaseChildBlockBackground,
>    PaintPhaseChildBlockBackgrounds,
>    PaintPhaseFloat,
>    PaintPhaseForeground,
>    PaintPhaseOutline,
>    PaintPhaseChildOutlines,
>    PaintPhaseSelfOutline,
>    PaintPhaseSelection,
>    PaintPhaseCollapsedTableBorders,
>    PaintPhaseTextClip,
>    PaintPhaseMask
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