[webkit-dev] Page Cache and Plugins

Basavaraj S.S basu288 at gmail.com
Thu May 5 00:25:04 PDT 2011


*The Scenario :*

For trial , Introduced Page cache functionality which was disabled on our
custom browser on *Symbian *port.
Pages were cached as expected and the Browser stability was decent.

To take the a step further, Unlike in WebKit, I also enabled the
Pages/Frames to be cached which had plugins in it bycommenting out the line
 **&& !frame->loader()->containsPlugins()* in the function* **bool
PageCache::canCachePageContainingThisFrame(Frame* frame)*.

The reason stated for not caching pages with plugins is that "*There are no
means to pause/resume a Netscape plug-in*"

But I could control plugins in my custom browser by Pausing them and Hiding
their window when the page gets hidden when pushed to page cache and vice
versa operation when resumed/restored.

This too worked well. Videos and other content were paused and resumed , Hid
and displayed when required and the pages with plugins were cached

The Problem :*

The problem started to occur when I started testing.
Every time around 100 pages were loaded successfully but after that I saw
random crashes at different places, mainly in *void CachedFrame::clear()** *
*and FrameView destructor**
*RAM was sufficiently free when crashes used to happen.
The Question :
So my question to the list is that *" Is there or are there any other
reason/s for not caching the frames with Plugins, apart from the reason
mentioned  **There are no means to pause/resume a Netscape plug-in** ?"*

P.S *: I have gone through the blog and the bug on Page Cache in WebKit.org

*Thanks in Advance*,
*Basavaraj S S*
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