[webkit-dev] Plugin layout tests in WebKit2-Gtk port

naren.mehra at gmail.com naren.mehra at gmail.com
Mon May 2 21:39:18 PDT 2011

Hello everyboddy,

I am trying to run the plugin related layout tests in "WebKit2-Gtk
port for linux" to find out how much functionality is working.
It seems like Dumprendertree is not being built for WebKit2.
So I tried using webkittestrunner.

--> ./Tools/Scripts/run-webkit-tests --gtk ./LayoutTests/plugins/ -2

But I am getting the following error:

Running build-dumprendertree
Running build-webkittestrunner
WebKitTestRunner is not supported on this platform.
Compiling WebKitTestRunner failed!

It seems like WebKitTestRunner is not currently working for gtk port. Right ??
When I searched some more, I found this open bug on bugs.webkit.org

So, I am facing a roadblock now.
Is there any other way to run those layout tests on wekbkit2-gtk ??
Can I use the available patch in the above listed bug report ??

Thanks & Regards,

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