[webkit-dev] Reftests are available on new-run-webkit-tests

Hayato Ito hayato at google.com
Wed Mar 30 07:32:31 PDT 2011

If you have not heard about 'reftests', please see the following wiki entry
about reftests in WebKit:

The new-run-webkit-tests now can run reftests in default.
You can see the sample reftest here:

I'm still doing a bit more testing and wouldn't mind some beta testers or

One important thing to note is that old-run-webkit-tests, which is a default
test harness on most platforms, doesn't support reftests. The
old-run-webkit-tests simply skips reftests.
Let me quote the following disclaimer from the above wiki entry:

> Currently, reftests run only with new-run-webkit-tests. That means a patch
which is only tested with reftests might not be allowed to be checked in.
Anyone not working in the chromium port will not run the reftests and can
not notice regressions. Please be aware this limitation and use reftests
carefully at your responsibility until reftests are available on all
> There are on-going efforts that try to run new-run-webkit-tests on all
platforms.  https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34984

I would be happy if reftests will make people's lives easier. It would be
also nice if this feature might encourage people to fix those issues which
block new-run-webkit-tests to run on other ports.

Any feedbacks, suggestions are welcome.

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