[webkit-dev] Canvas backing resolution

Kenneth Rohde Christiansen kenneth.christiansen at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 02:00:12 PST 2011

> I haven't debugged with enough tablet devices, such as the color kindle, to
> know how many webkit distros it works with.
> What should I do about user zoom on the desktop (and possibly, the kindle) ?

Well the value doesn't change with zooming on neither Safari nor
Chrome. I am not sure about the Kindle either; I'm not even sure what
port it uses.

> Drawing in high res, just-in-case, makes for a poorer experience for users
> at a 1.0 ratio,
> and asking users to slide a "sharpen" slider is a little awkward.
> Mozilla, in their implementation, has setup device-pixel-ratio to scale when
> the user scales content;
> they directly expose window css pixel ratio value to trusted scripts, but
> not to web content; requiring
> web content to use css device-pixel-ratio.

This is not now WebKit ports currently work. For me the 'device' part
of the name also makes it feel like a static value. Whether this
should be changed or whether we should add a way to get access to the
user scale (ie something like -webkit-page-scale), I don't know. Maybe
Hyatt has some input on this?

> Microsoft has exposed the values through window.screen.

Do you have a link to some documentation for this?


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