[webkit-dev] Towards a unified build system

Patrick R. Gansterer paroga at paroga.com
Tue Mar 1 01:38:31 PST 2011

> Looking around the web, there are a handful of systems that could do
> the job.  Dimitri, Eric, and I have started experimenting with one
> such system, GYP.  There are various trade-offs between GYP and other
> systems, such as CMake, that we've discussed on this list and at the
> WebKit meeting last year.  Ultimately, I don't think it really matters
> which system we use.  If someone else would like to take over the
> project, I'd be happy to let them choose whichever system they'd like
> to use.
At the moment only Chromium is using GYP. CMake is used by EFL and WinCE.
AFAIK RIM is using CMake and the Clutter port are using it too. If you look
around in the web I can't find any non-google project using GYP. CMake is
used in many projects (e.g. KDE) and has a bigger community around.
I already finished most of the parts for the WinApple port based on CMake
BTW: CMake has WinCE support, GYP not!
So I really prefer CMake over GYP. If the Mac port is the most important one
I can try to port it to CMake. Please let me know where I can help to make
CMake our meta build system.

- Patrick

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