[webkit-dev] bugs.webkit.org UI housekeeping

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Sun Jun 12 20:25:59 PDT 2011

On Jun 12, 2011, at 8:10 PM, Ojan Vafai wrote:

> On Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 1:30 PM, Adam Barth <abarth at webkit.org> wrote:
>> Does anyone click the "Preview" button?  If not, we should probably remove it.

I often use the Preview button to look over my individual comments and decide whether review+ or review- is the right way to go. And then I spot typos and go correct them.

> Do we really need (contributor) either? I think it's useful on the bug page, but not so much on the review page.

Here’s a common workflow for me: I go to the review page with a review link someone mailed me. I see the patch is reviewed and it’s useful to me to know who reviewed it.

    -- Darin

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