[webkit-dev] CSS optional property names

Alexandru Chiculita achicu at adobe.com
Mon Jun 6 04:25:34 PDT 2011


Until we have working CSS Regions and CSS Exclusions implementations we will guard the code with ENABLE_CSS_REGIONS and ENABLE_CSS_EXCLUSIONS. We also need to guard the property names in CSSPropertyNames.in and CSSValueKeywords.in using those flags.

Has this been discussed before?

Currently it is done by using different files for optional features. For example SVG has SVGCSSPropertyNames.in and SVGCSSValueKeywords.in that are only used for SVG enabled builds.

Using a C preprocessor will require changing the comment style, because "#" is the prefix for directives in C preprocessors. Should I (1) update the file to "//" commenting style and use the C preprocessor or (2) just implement a simple syntax like the following one?


For (1) we could also use the #include directive for the current approach
#if defined ENABLE_SVG && ENABLE_SVG
#include "SVGCSSPropertyNames.in"

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