[webkit-dev] commit-queue platform musical chairs

Adam Barth abarth at webkit.org
Sat Jun 4 02:33:57 PDT 2011

Up until now, we've been running the commit-queue on a cluster of Mac
Minis, but building WebKit on these machines takes on the order of an
hour and a half, making the commit-queue slow.  EC2 offers much
stronger machines, but unfortunately does not offer Mac OS X (likely
due to licensing restrictions).  We're experimenting with running the
commit-queue on EC2 using the Chromium Linux port.  Currently, we've
got both kinds of nodes running so we can compare their effectiveness.

I have a slight worry that most developers use the Mac port, and
running the commit-queue in a different configuration might cause some
trouble.  If something bad happens, please let me know.  We might need
to add some more checks to make sure the commit-queue doesn't break

Thanks for your patience,

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