[webkit-dev] JavaScriptCore on Android

Julien Chaffraix julien.chaffraix at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 08:58:45 PDT 2011


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> I am trying to use JavaScriptCore in my Android application.

First, understand that the Android bindings in WebKit have been
removed (that includes JSC), thus I would advise asking the question
on an Android specific mailing list as people here obviously don't do
Android development (apart from some people).

> I build JavaScriptCore as a static library and I developed a JNI layer to
> access JSC methods.
> All my classes compile fine, but at the end of the build process (i guess in
> the linker action) i got some errors like "undefined reference
> to JSStringCreateWithUTF8CString".
> I was not able to correctly link my code with the JavaScriptCore static
> library.

I would double check that the symbols are present in your static
library before looking any further as it could be the root cause. If
that does not work, look for some help on the Android.mk side.

Hope it helps,

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