[webkit-dev] Proposal: Commit messages should start with a one-line summary of the change

Julien Chaffraix jchaffraix at webkit.org
Fri Jul 1 08:57:02 PDT 2011

>> I don’t think it’s a good idea to add yet another thing to every change log entry.
> I wouldn't consider this something being added. Most ChangeLog entries (the good ones, anyway) already contain a description of the fix in addition to the bug title, URL and reviewer.

While I sympathize with the idea of the one line explanations, I think
this adds unneeded complexity to our workflow and the added value you
mentioned does not seem to overcome it (namely making a couple of
tools work better).

Also you are implicitly constraining people to explain their change
with one-liners which IMHO is not a good constraint. I would rather
see good explanations than explanations that need to match a format.


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