[webkit-dev] Blog post(s) about layout tests

Mihai Parparita mihaip at chromium.org
Tue Jan 25 18:24:26 PST 2011

I noticed that we haven't done any posts on the WebKit blog about layout
tests. Since getting good reductions in bug reports is very helpful, it
seems like educating web developers about how we test things is helpful.

I've written a draft pair of posts that talk about layout tests in
general/theory (part I) and some nitty-gritty details that we run into with
the system as it stands today (part II). The posts can also be combined into
one, if that makes more sense:


I've shown the draft to a few web developer friends, and their eyes didn't
totally glaze over :). The post is link-heavy (generally into Trac, and
Bugzilla), I'm hoping that would also encourage exploration of the code/site
by people interested in contributing.

Let me know if you think this is appropriate for the WebKit blog, and if so
what the mechanics of posting on the blog are.


P.S. If you'd like to make comments on the document directly, let me know
and I can add you as an editor.
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