[webkit-dev] http://build.webkit.org/console fails to load in Chromium (appears to be server side bug)

James Robinson jamesr at google.com
Wed Jan 19 14:20:37 PST 2011

http://build.webkit.org/console fails to load in Chromium (and Google
Chrome) today.  It seems that the bug is in the server's Accept-Encoding:
handling.  If the Accept-Encoding line includes 'sdch' then the server
closes the socket without sending any response bytes.  Requests for other
pages like /console?category=core or /waterfall succeed, probably because
the response page for /console?category=core and /waterfall are smaller
(379152 vs 253031/289609 bytes) and presumably something on the server side
is barfing.  Other browsers do not currently include sdch in their
Accept-Encoding lines and so are unaffected.

A workaround for Chromium users is to pass the command line flag
--enable-sdch=.google.com which will prevent sdch from being passed in the
Accept-Encoding line for all servers except for ones under .google.com.
 This is obviously far from ideal as it prevents sdch use on pages other
than *.google.com that support it.  Can whoever runs the web server for
build.webkit.org please try to fix this?  I'm also curious to know where the
actual problem is so we can determine how widespread this might be.

- James
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