[webkit-dev] WebKit-WinCE finally merged

Eric Seidel eric at webkit.org
Tue Jan 4 16:53:43 PST 2011

Currently EWS bots do not run tests, so it shouldn't require any more
power, just another machine. [1]

But I certainly can understand having limited hardware. :)



1.  You certainly can run more than one bot on a single machine, but
you need plenty of RAM to make sure multiple copies of WebKit linking
at once doesn't send your machine thrashing its page file for 2
months. :)

On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 4:50 PM, Patrick Gansterer <paroga at paroga.com> wrote:
> Basically yes, but EWS needs more CPU power than build slave and I want to see how the machine performs for a while. ;-)
> Eric Seidel:
>> Cool!  Interest in setting up an EWS bot?
>> You would just need to add a "wince-ews" to this file:
>> http://trac.webkit.org/browser/trunk/Tools/Scripts/webkitpy/tool/commands/earlywarningsystem.py
>> And then run:
>> ./Tools/EWSTools/start-queue.sh wince-ews paroga-ews
>> -eric
>> On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 4:27 PM, Patrick Gansterer <paroga at paroga.com> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I'm glad to say that WebKit-WinCE is finally merged and got a working build slave [1] today.
>>> Many, many thanks to the people from TorchMobile who did the original WinCE port and all the friends that reviewed my patches to make this possible. Thanks!
>>> It would be nice if we can try to keep it green when doing changes which affect WinCE ;-).
>>> [1] http://build.webkit.org/waterfall?show=WinCE%20Release%20(Build)
>>> - Patrick
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