[webkit-dev] Best way to track feature evolution from release-to-release

Tom Bahnck mgi574 at motorola.com
Tue Jan 4 13:47:58 PST 2011

I work on set-top box and PC-based media player stacks which integrate
WebKit to render a UI (e.g. guide and storefront) for viewers.  We are
looking for the best way to identify the supported syntactical elements in
each release, such as HTML/CSS tags/properties/values.  Eric Seidel's
excellent lecture on the Google code channel points out that the
/WebCore/dom/*.idl /WebCore/html/*.in files list standard page-level tokens,
which are used to build a string cache.  This is a very useful start;
however, is there a way to correlate the supported attributes to elements?
E.g., considering "src", to know that "src" is supported for <img> and
<video>, or <img> and not <video>, etc.?

A related question is, what qualifies a given build for a Safari-### tag?
Understanding how frequently tags are made public would inform us (roughly)
of how many release candidates we need to evaluate, when for example,
upgrading our embedded WebKit release from X to Y, in search of support for
a new feature.

Thank you very much for the support you provide.

Tom Bahnck
Motorola Mobility, Inc.
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