[webkit-dev] what's the difference between Cache and PageCache in WebCore?

Aneesh Bhasin contact.aneesh at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 22:13:10 PST 2011


Here's my understanding on this : There are two types of caches in WebKit :
Page Cache and Resource Cache.

Resource Cache as the name suggests is to hold raw (e.g. CSS, JS etc.) as
well as decoded (e.g images) resources so that sites which share these
resources do not need to go to the network or even the network cache for
these resources. Of course, it also saves time spent in decoding of images.
You can limit the capacity (of complete cache as well as live and dead
resources) or turn it off completely.

The other is the Page Cache which holds all the data structres used for
rendering the tree (DOM tree, render tree etc.) - used mainly to quickly
display the page during forward/backward navigation. Again, you can limit
the total memory used by this cache...

Depending on your use-case, you can fiddle with the setting of these caches
- of course, low memory will come at an impact to the page-loading time.

Hope that helps..


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> I want to reduce memory use of webkit,what can I do?
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