[webkit-dev] EventTarget Changes Causes Safari Launch Problems

Alex Milowski alex at milowski.org
Wed Feb 9 20:03:34 PST 2011

In a recent set of "experiments" in changes to XML processing, I added
a new EventTarget class called XMLReader.  As such, I had to add a
"toXMLReader()" method to the EventTarget class.  Previously, this has
worked well but now, after updating this code to the latest trunk, I
have a problem launching Safari (it crashes right at startup without
even showing a window).  It is unclear to me why it would have worked
before but now does not.

I've narrowed my troubles down to what I think is a virtual table
change relating to the class structure although I really haven't
proven that.  If I hack my way around the need for the toXMLReader()
method on EventTarget, doing some very unsavory things, the latest
trunk with my changes and the latest version of Safari work fine.

Any ideas why, within the last month, this would all change?  Was I
just lucky before?

--Alex Milowski
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