[webkit-dev] CSS cache and unfired events.

Frédéric Lefebvre Frederic.Lefebvre at 4d.com
Wed Feb 9 09:34:27 PST 2011


I'm currently working on a Webkit interface using an HTMLview filled with YUIlayout panels including an HTMLdocument to edit within.

Once a change has been made to the HTMLdocument, we save the whole stuff in both CSS and HTML physical files.

When reopening the interface, the HTML file is physicaly accessed but not the CSS and image files included in the HTML.  The cache prevails.
Primary effect is that, though the HTML contents seem to be correctly brought back (from cache indeed), the styles are not up to date.
Secondary effect is, on reload call, that the styles are updated but the HTML contents disappear.

I would like to assure the cache is correctly flushed on page closure, but it appears that neither unload nor pagehide event is fired upon Page::~Page run in the Webkit core.  The page destructor closes backforward list then calls the PageCache::remove without finding any cached page for the HistoryItem passed and that's it.

How could I ensure, from higher layers, that the CSS cache and HTML of the edited HTMLdocument are surely flushed from cache and not retrieved on subsequent calls without adding ?val=random tricks in the URLs of DOM elements.

Obviously no-cache, must-revalidate and all these obsolescence tricks are of no interest here since, even if the document has to be no-cache accessed on loading, we should be able to edit an ultimately cachable document.

Any advice or clue welcome.


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