[webkit-dev] Question regarding priorities of subresource content retrieval

Silvio Ventres silvio.ventres at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 17:47:00 PST 2011

IE/Opera are delaying only for 4 seconds, same as Mobile Safari
The reason looks to be the url for the script/css.
If the url is the same twice, Chrome/Firefox serializes the requests,
while IE/Opera/MobileSafari launches both requests simultaneously.

Of course, requesting simultaneously doesn't fix anything, as you can
see by trying a link-stuffed version at

This one has 45 css and 38 javascript links. It hangs all browsers nicely.
The main point here is that it might be acceptable if it's coming from
the webpage domain itself.
But the links are coming from a completely different place.

This is exactly what makes browsing pages with any third-party
analytics, tracking or ad addons so slow and frustrating.
Fixing priorities in subresource download should make experience
considerably more interactive and fun.


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