[webkit-dev] code review tool changes

Ojan Vafai ojan at chromium.org
Tue Feb 1 17:09:41 PST 2011

There's been a slew of changes to the code review tool. It's probably a good
time to send a summary now that I don't intend to add significant new

-Side-by-side diffs: You can view the entire diff or individual files in
side-by-side diff. If you change the entire diff, we'll store that in
localstorage and load diffs in side-by-side by default.
-Comments and diff navigation: n/p keys will navigate to the next/previous
comment. j/k will navigate to the next/previous diff.
-Draft comments persist: draft comments are now stored in localstorage, so
they will persist across reloads, crashes, etc. Since it's in localstorage
it's stored per-machine.*
-Expand diff context: You can expand the lines above/below a diff to see
more context.**

Hope this works well for you all. Obviously, file bugs if something isn't


* Taking the next step and storing them online for non-security bugs (e.g.
in S3 or appengine) would be a simple and welcome addition if someone feels
** This currently only works if the patch includes the svn revision it was
created at (i.e. it was created with SVN) or applies cleanly to trunk.
Including the SVN revision in git diffs shouldn't be too hard. Again, if you
feel moved to fix this, ping me.
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