[webkit-dev] svn.webkit.org problems

Osztrogonac Csaba oszi at inf.u-szeged.hu
Wed Dec 21 08:43:53 PST 2011


it seems something happened with svn.webkit.org, because many bots fail with
svn error again and again. Unfortunately buildbot tries to solve svn errors
with "rm -rf" and a new checkout. But a new checkout takes min. 4-5 hours. :(

Have you got any idea what happened with svn.webkit.org? If it is stabilized,
I can do a trick on the Qt bots. I'll stopp them, copy an up-to-date svn working
copy to theirs storage and then restart.

I think we should find an automatic and better way in
the future to avoid similar problems. For example:
- hack buildbot source not to do "rm -rf"
- migrate buildslaves to git.webkit.org somehow
(It needs many hack to save svn revision number on the bots)


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