[webkit-dev] Some doubt about PluginView in WebCore

Adam Roben aroben at apple.com
Tue Dec 20 07:22:45 PST 2011

On Dec 20, 2011, at 7:23 AM, huangxueqing wrote:

> As guys know, there two implement of plug-in in webkit, the first is located in WebKit/WebProcess/plugins and another in WebCore/plugins, safari5 use former and Chromium implement plug-in in separate process in webkit/support/glue/plugins.
> I want to know WebCore/plugins whether be maintained in future? Currently, it seems windowless plug-in has some problem in WebCore/plugins, for instance, PluginView::setNPWindowRect do nothing although m_npWindow.window is NULL, but WebKit/WebProcess/plugins hook |TrackPopupMenu| and chromium call a GDI api |CreateCompatableDC|. I have commit a bug about this  https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=74917.
> Actually, we hope WebCore/plugins be maintained since most base-on webkit browser use it except chromium. Anyway, I found lots of bug about plug-in, I will commit these in later.

I think Anders Carlsson (who wrote the original implementations of both WebCore's and WebKit2's plugins support) would like to see the WebKit2 code replace the WebCore code eventually. The WebKit2 code is well-suited to running either in-process or out-of-process. Perhaps Chromium could even adopt it eventually.

Any bugs you find should be filed at <http://webkit.org/new-bug>. Thanks!


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