[webkit-dev] WebKit branch to support multiple VMs (e.g., Dart)

Brent Fulgham bfulgham at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 15:18:36 PST 2011

> On Dec 5, 2011, at 1:22 PM, Vijay Menon wrote:
> At a high-level, the idea is pretty simple.  We want to be able to run
> another VM along a JS one.  For example, if we see a Dart script on a web
> page, we want the Dart VM to be able to handle it.  If we see a JS script,

At one time I was very enthusiastic about providing support for
multiple languages in all sorts of contexts. I would rush out and
learn every obscure language and wonder why the rest of the world
wasn't as enthusiastic in learning (and using it) as I was.

As I've matured (or perhaps become more curmudgeonly), I now find
greater satisfaction in systems that "just work". Minimizing the
number of variables that come into play when rendering pages just
seems like a smart approach. Consider also the massive shift currently
underway in the mobile space.  Flash has been abandoned in favor of
standardized tools available on multiple platforms with no need for
the user to locate, install, and maintain external VMs or other

While this project has a lot of academic merit, I don't know that it
makes a lot of sense to include it in WebKit proper.

Finally, you might consider the approach taken by Appcelerator, who
basically built custom URL handlers that allow web pages to be coded
in a combination of Python, Ruby, JavaScript, etc.  Getting these
changes merged into the mainstream WebKit is probably a quicker route
to meet your needs.

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