[webkit-dev] WTF StackBounds not compatible with Windows fiber threads & custom fiber or thread stack size

Jacques Quidu jquidu at hotmail.fr
Mon Aug 29 21:08:39 PDT 2011

WTF current implementation of StackBounds is not quite compatible with Windows fiber threads and/or custom stack sizes:
we have successfully implemented support for Windows fiber threads in StackBounds & fixed some 64 issues but we are still stuck on how to determine thread or fiber allocated stack size...
>From the fiber or thread context, i can only get the stack base & stack current pointer but not the allocated stack size: any idea on how to get it assuming that i cannot get stack size from the executable stack size because our main app might use cooperative fiber threads with variable stack size, along with preemptive threads created from WebKit ?
For now the only workaround i think about is to pass the fiber stack size as fiber data while creating the fiber in our main app & get it in StackBounds with GetFiberData() using a custom define to filter with our app impl: but it means adding code specific to our app in JavacriptCore/WTF which i would like to avoid if it is possible.
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