[webkit-dev] Chromium Mac moving to Skia

Adam Barth abarth at webkit.org
Tue Aug 16 11:31:19 PDT 2011

Hi WebKit,

In an effort to make the Chromium port more consistent across
platforms, we're moving the Chromium Mac port from CoreGraphics to
Skia.  This should mostly have little effect on the rest of the WebKit
community, but you'll be seeing some patches shortly that shuffle a
bunch of test expectations around so that we can make the transition
carefully and avoid regressions.  Specifically, we're planing to do
the following:

1) Move the chromium-mac and chromium-mac-leopard results directories
to chromium-mac-cg and chromium-mac-cg-leopard, respectively.  This
will let use keep both CG and Skia results during the transition so
that we can compare them and avoid regressions.
2) Introduce MACCG modifies for test_expectations.  This will let use
have separate expectations for CG and Skia.
3) Introduce new chromium-mac and chromium-mac-leopard results
directories, which will correspond to the new Skia configuration.
4) Move the Chromium Mac builders on build.webkit.org over to using
the Skia configuration.

Two of these steps will generate somewhat large svn update steps.  I'd
like to thank you in advance for being patient with us as we make this
transition.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel to
respond to this thread or to ask Cary or myself.

Thanks again,

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