[webkit-dev] Why don't WebKit support the database of geolocation permissions?

Andrei Popescu andreip at google.com
Mon Aug 8 06:27:40 PDT 2011

On Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 11:16 AM, 임동우 <dw.im at samsung.com> wrote:

>  Why don't WebKit support the database of geolocation permissions?
> (Record the user permission into database, and use it when user revisit the
> web site.)
> Most of major browsers who use WebKit are support this kind of feature.
> Chrome and Safari support this feature, and Android browser as well.
> And as I know, Mobile Safari in iOS5 may support this.
> Vendors implement this feature by themselves, because WebKit does not
> support it,
> so the implementation and policy are slightly different each other.
> Some vendors are implemented in porting layer of WebKit, the others are in
> browser.
> As I know, in Android, implementation of this feature in porting layer of
> WebKit.
> I think we'd better to implement this feature in WebCore.
> Then we can prevent redundant implementation of each vendors.

This is intentional: as you noticed, each browser vendor may chose a
different way of managing the Geolocation permissions. To allow for this
freedom, I think the Geolocation permissions should not be in WebCore.

> And, this feature is not violating the Geolocation spec.
> This statement in the Geolocation spec. is told us that user permission
> could be preserved.
> "Those permissions that are acquired through the user interface and that
> are preserved beyond the current browsing session must be revocable and user
> agents must respect revoked permissions." (
> http://dev.w3.org/geo/api/spec-source.html#privacy_for_uas)
That is not a specification of how the feature should be implemented, it is
just a privacy consideration for implementors of the API.

> If most of major browsers support this feaure, and users prefer this kind
> of interaction,
> then I think there are no reason to hesitate to include this feature into
> WebKit.
> I don't really agree. I think it should be left to each WebKit port /
embedder to decide if and how to support this feature, so it doesn't belong
in WebCore.

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