[webkit-dev] Plans to fully merge the Android port

Steve Block steveblock at google.com
Wed Apr 27 02:53:43 PDT 2011

> Is there any plan to fully merge the code, have updated LayoutTests and
> build-webkit integration?
The Android browser still uses the Android port, but as you point out,
it's not fully upstreamed. We're continuing to work on this.

> Since then, WebCore/Android.mk has been modified 81 times, but only
> once by someone who I recognized as being associated with the Android
> port.  WebCore/platform/android has been modified a total of 23 times,
> of which 4 patches where written by someone I recognize as being
> associated with the Android port (most recently 5 months ago).
It's true that our progress has been rather slow of late. If the
Android makefiles are considered too much of a burden on the
community, I'm happy to remove them from the tree until the Android
port is fully upstreamed.


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