[webkit-dev] Optional parameter in IDL and undefined JS value

Jian Li jianli at chromium.org
Tue Apr 26 13:34:49 PDT 2011

Kenneth pointed out that NaN should then be converted to 0 per ECMA. So
we're doing the right thing in our code generators. Since File API has been
updated to get this issue clarified, we're fine here with nothing particular
that needs to be done. Thanks for all your help.

On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 4:43 PM, Jian Li <jianli at chromium.org> wrote:

> Please see inline for the reply from the spec author Arun about your
> questions.
> Arun has updated Blob.slice in the File API spec to explicitly illustrate
> the case for optional end parameter.
> If the optional end parameter is not used as a parameter when making this
> call, let relativeEnd be size.
> For undefined value being passed to optional numeric parameter, should we
> consider following ECMA-262 (referred from Web IDL) that defines the
> conversion of undefined to "NaN" (see Table 12 in Section 9.3)?
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