[webkit-dev] Script programming language: Perl, Python, or Ruby?

David Levin levin at chromium.org
Wed Sep 1 22:46:57 PDT 2010

>From reading this thread and the bug, it sounds like there is one key issue
installing something new on build machines.

As discussed before in regards to python, there was a desire not to go above
a certain version so that the tiger build machine could run a script. That
seemed reasonable to me.

Similarly there is a desire in this case to avoid Ruby because it means
installing something new on other build machines. This also seems reasonable
to me.

There are other issues that seem tangential which are being brought up and
only confuse the subject for me:

   - Speed -- without numbers this is meaningless to me.
   - A hang that might be reduced -- since it will remain, it sounds like
   there is a deeper issue to fix.
   - People like python -- me too, but perhaps not a deciding factor.

It probably didn't help that the subject of the email focuses on languages
in a highlander smack down style as if there can be only one.

Focusing again, given the build machine issue:

   - Is it best to have a separate script that is similar to PrettyPatch
   solve the issue?
   - Or replace the script?
   - Or can the dependency on PrettyPatch be controlled via a commandline
   option and just turned off on build machines?
   - Or have folks explain why they don't want to install more on their
   build machine?

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