[webkit-dev] maybe it's a problem in function "addToTextEncodingNameMap" in "webcore/platform/text/TextEncodingRegistry.cpp"

江南小白 zpd64 at qq.com
Sun Oct 24 20:31:04 PDT 2010

Hi All,
     The following is the code:
 static void addToTextEncodingNameMap(const char* alias, const char* name)
    ASSERT(strlen(alias) <= maxEncodingNameLength);
    const char* atomicName = textEncodingNameMap->get(name);
    ASSERT(strcmp(alias, name) == 0 || atomicName);
    if (!atomicName)
        atomicName = name;
    checkExistingName(alias, atomicName);
    textEncodingNameMap->add(alias, atomicName);
       Here comes a problem when i call this function like this: addToTextEncodingNameMap("myEncodingAlias", "myEncodingName"), then the assert in red is hit, Because "myEncodingName" was not early registered in textEncodingNameMap  by funciton "buildBaseTextCodecMaps”, and "myEncodingAlias" is not equal with "myEncodingName". I think this does not make sense, maybe the assert in red should be removed?
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