[webkit-dev] Buildbot Slave Umask

William Siegrist wsiegrist at apple.com
Tue Oct 19 09:36:05 PDT 2010

If you do not own a build slave for build.webkit.org, you can stop reading. 

If you maintain a buildbot slave for build.webkit.org, please make sure the umask is set to 022. By default, the umask is 077 and this makes the results only readable by the user that uploads them to the master. We need them to be world readable. To do this, go to your slave directory and edit "buildbot.tac". The umask line should read "umask = 022". The 0 is important. If you have to change buildbot.tac, then you also need to stop and restart your buildbot process. 

Once you've done that, please email me (without CCing the list) telling me which slave(s) were changed and which were already set to 022. 


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