[webkit-dev] Ruby Text Enhancements

Eric Mader emader at apple.com
Tue Oct 5 17:33:28 PDT 2010

On Sep 24, 2010, at 8:02 PM, David Hyatt wrote:

> This is a tough problem.  It seems like you have to get involved in the line layout code e.g., findNextLineBreak in order to really do the right thing.  findNextLineBreak uses an iterator that walks the objects, so it's easier to tell what text came before you and what text comes after you.  You can also tell whether or not that text will even fit on the line and possibly do the margin hacking there.

I just did a prototype that checks for a RenderRubyRun in the isReplaced() code inside findNextLineBreak and calls a method on the RenderRubyRun that takes the last and the next object and sets negative margins by calling setMarginLeft() and setMarginRight(). I stepped through this code and it computes the correct margins, but the margins don't seem to take - the ruby doesn't overlap the surrounding text.

Guessing that some other code is resetting the margins, I modified the code to cache the computed margins in the RenderRubyRun object and return the cached values through subclassed marginLeft() and marginRight() methods. With this change, the ruby displays as I would expect.

Does anybody have any idea what code resetting the margins, and what I need to do to talk it out of doing this?


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