[webkit-dev] Supporting css ime-mode property

Kenichi Ishibashi bashi at google.com
Tue Oct 5 17:16:40 PDT 2010


Thanks a lot of discussion about this matter. A bunch of Ryosuke-san's
replies is exactly what I'd like to say. I still believe that the
property can make web page authors provide appropriate input mode by
default and isn't harmful as long as the authors use the property in a
gentle manner.

> Not sure. He wrote "For instance, name of the user must contain only Katakana", which seems to be a restriction. I have also been surprised by that - it sounded like Katakana can be typed even with IME disabled on Windows.

Sorry for making a misleading, but Ryosuke-san's understanding is
correct. I intended to say that the input must contain Katakana so it
would be helpful if IME could be automatically activated to input
Katakana, which is appropriate input mode in this case. I didn't
intent to force the user to input Katakana by this property (and
actually it will be impossible because we can paste any non-Katakana
characters into the form).

> Now, ime-mode is not such a grande feature that's likely to change how people use the Web :-). I just took some extreme examples to explain why adding features isn't harmless, even if they are initially expected to only be used for good only.

Here is another use-case. Some modern CJK web pages provide a way to
input Chinese or Japanese text without OS-provided IMEs. You can see
an example at http://www.baidu.com/. Click the text next to the search
button and select 拼音 or appropriate one, then input text in the search
box so you will get the candidate window in a similar way that
OS-provided IMEs. When developers want to provide such feature, they
might want to control system-level IMEs and the ime-mode property
could provide the solution. I think this feature likely to change how
people use the Web.


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