[webkit-dev] WebSocket crashes

Adam Barth abarth at webkit.org
Mon Oct 4 14:33:48 PDT 2010

As you might have noticed, the WebSocket tests are crashing on Leopard
and Snow Leopard.  I thought for a while that this might be related to
my recent move of the WebSocket tests, but looks unrelated.  The
crashes started with a patch that flipped off the SVN executable bit
for a bunch of files, which also seems unrelated (reverting that
change locally also don't seem to make a difference).

Here's a reduced test case:

var ws = new WebSocket('ws://localhost:1111/');

Just open a local HTML file containing that code and you'll crash
WebKit on Snow Leopard (and presumably Leopard as well).  The crash
looks like some kind of heap corruption.  At this point, I'd like to
hand this off to someone who's more familiar with the WebSockets code.
 Any volunteers?


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