[webkit-dev] Enhancements

Jack Allegrezza jackallegrezza at mac.com
Tue Nov 23 14:51:00 PST 2010

	I am proposing that WebKit have an "Enhancements" ability - Here is what the reason is - with abilities of WebKit to draw and handle THML,SVG, Canvas and Video, along with access to resources via AJAX and WebSockets and al the speed improvements to javascript, we can now make full applications in the browser, The draw back is that in loading the page you also get the application. And the use of plugins is not a good option because it breaks thru the sandbox protection aspect of the browser. And the javascript is visible to anyone. So we seems to be in need of a way to provide safe executable programs to the browser. So either a way to make the javascript invisible (but users may get the source like open source if you wish).
Or allowing the download and loading of object code that has has been linked with a lib that only allows access to the DOM javascript and the connection (ajax) and doe not require restarting the browser - also the code should be run in a safe protected area of the browser to check it to see if it attempts to reach ares not allowed. So it is like a plugin or javascript but with invisibility and still maintains the security of the browser. So if a developer was to make some special image processing unit and then apply that an image - they would be able to without giving it away.
In any case it's a discussion about private secure safe program in the browser - and is the need real and can it be done

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