[webkit-dev] Mac OSX, Cocoa event model in NPAPI , NSView, and Out of process plugins.

Choon Sik Cho neochoon at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 00:23:32 PST 2010

Hello to everyone.

Well, currently chrome has out of process plugins. and firefox 4 will
use same model.

That means plugin process is now seperated from browser process.
Plugin process might NOT have window at all.

My plugin is based on NSView.

Before cocoa event model,When I can access NSWindow in browser
process, All I have to do is just add my_view as a subview of the
contentView in the window.

[[the_window contentView] addSubview:my_view]

I do NOT need to process events myself. It worked itself.

But now, I convert NPCocoaEvents into NSEvents in event process code.

Do I have to change it myself?
Also some instance of NSEvents, I can not make them for example, wheel
mouse events.

What should do I do?

Did I approach a wrong way?

Please enlighten me.

Thanks for any comments.

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