[webkit-dev] [Bug 26083] How to access formatted Java script Console message ?

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PropertyNameArray.h is only available if the engine of choice is JavaScriptCore. Chromium is using V8 so the file included is not available - as the error indicates.

Check the review comments in the bug for more details/hints.


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Hi All,

My patch failed on cr-linux. I am still setting up my chromium environment to try it out.

I would appreciate if some can provide pointers on how to fix this:

In file included from WebCore/page/Console.cpp:39:

JavaScriptCore/runtime/PropertyNameArray.h:24: fatal error: CallFrame.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated.

make: *** [out/Release/obj.target/webcore_remaining/WebCore/page/Console.o] Error 1

make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....

I tried both options: #include "PropertyNameArray.h" and #include <runtime/PropertyNameArray.h>.

But, looks like it didn't resolve on cr-linux.




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Subject: [Bug 26083] How to access formatted Java script Console message ?


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