[webkit-dev] Hunspell based spellchecker

Hajime Morita morrita at google.com
Wed Nov 17 20:04:32 PST 2010

Hi everyone, thank you for your feedback!

Now I know there are some positive interest to Hunspell integration.
So I'll start investigation and come back once I have some progress.

> What would be the advantage in placing the spell checker in WebCore,
> as opposed to the relatively agnostic approach used via the WebKit
> API?  Is there a performance benefit, or a means of hooking into some
> other part of the system not currently served by the existing spelling
> infrastructure?
As @kwangyul.seo mentioned, the primary advantage of WebCore-ization
is code sharing.
Having it, you can get working integration with few effort.
And yes, if you already have your own implementation, there might be
no direct benefit.

As a developer's standpoint,
centralizing spellcheck related code into WebCore will
make it much easier to work on spellchecking related codebase.
As you know, touching every ports' EditingClient implementation is plain pain.
It is another story though.


> -Brent
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