[webkit-dev] On adding 'console.memory' API (and about the whole 'console' object.)

Mikhail Naganov mnaganov at chromium.org
Fri May 28 10:56:14 PDT 2010

Greetings, WebKit deveopers,

As a response to requests from web apps developers, I was intended to
add a simple API for accessing web app's memory consumption, see

The scenario of using this API is as follows:
 - a builbot runs web app's common usage scenarios tests;
 - inside tests, memory usage is recorded via the API proposed;
 - the results are sent to a server (using XHR or a CGI request);
 - server plots nice graphs of memory usage status, bound to the
changes made to the web app;
 - thus, if someone does a change that blows up memory usage,
developers will notice.

As Sam points out, this change may be fine, but he suggests to make it
accessible only when a browser runs in a special "developer" mode.
This can also be applied to the whole 'console' object.

Please, share your thoughts on this.

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