[webkit-dev] Building WebKit on windows for the first time

Frederic Gos frederic.gos at gmail.com
Wed May 26 05:17:00 PDT 2010

Hi Peeps,

I'm new to WebKit. I'm trying to build it for the first time under windows
and keep getting errors. The linker seems to need absurd amounts of ram.
I keep getting an out of memory error from link.exe.

I've set up a machine for this by following the instruction on

Here is what ive done so far:

Installed a new machine with Windows XP with 3.5 gb ram and a big big disk.
Installed Visual Studio 2005 with all the SP's and patches mentioned.
Installed the Platform SDK as mentioned.
Installed Cygwin as described.

I've got the source dirwctly from svn with the checkout command as described
and put the source in my home
gygwin directory, So far so good.

I've done a update-webkit first. I found this detail somewhere on the net,
dont remember where. I downloaded
the WebKitSupportLibrary.zip thing and put it in the main dir, etc.

When I run build-webkit, It builds and builds and builds etc, fine, but at
some point i begin to see errors like
$(PRODUCTION), $(DXSDKSIR) etc environment variables not set. (I suspect
this isnt a big problem). The big problem is when
the build reaches linking. It tells med Out of memory (LNK1102) every time.

One thing ive tried, is that I suspected that it maybe was the wrong
link.exe it got to (maybe the one in /cygwin/bin), so I renamed that
to link_back.exe. Still same error. So it finds the visual studio 2005
link.exe fine.

I'm sure this all is just me being a big webkit noob and someone has been
thru this trail before?

Any input would be very helpful ;) thx

Frederic Gos
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