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David Hyatt hyatt at apple.com
Thu May 20 13:57:17 PDT 2010

On May 20, 2010, at 3:47 PM, Peter Kasting wrote:

> On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 1:38 PM, David Hyatt <hyatt at apple.com> wrote:
> This is all coming back to me now.
> When two cells occupy the same position in the grid, only one of them gets stored at that position.  The current code puts the first cell encountered into the grid. This means if you ask what cell is present in row 3 and column 2 of the above example, you'll get back cell #5.
> This actually makes the grid unsuitable for hit testing and is why I hadn't converted nodeAtPoint over to use the grid yet.
> The grid needs to be fixed so that it records all of the cells present at a given position.  If it did that, then you could binary search as long as there are no overflowing cells, since you'd then be able to see all the cells that actually occupy a given grid position.
> The paint method uses the grid and actually has a repaint bug, since if you make the repaint rect tight enough, it won't think it has to paint the second and subsequent cells that occupy a given grid position.
> It sounds like your recommended steps are:
> * First fix the grid to record all the cells at a given position.  This fixes a repaint bug.

Right.  The painting code would have to be patched to look at all the cells at that position and not just the first one obviously.

> * Then change the hit-testing to work just like painting.  This makes hit testing more efficient and ensures hit testing and painting agree.


> * Then optimize hit-testing to binary-search if there are no overflowing cells.  (And optimize painting similarly?  I dunno what that would mean, though--just going off the "optimize together" comment earlier.)

Yes, optimize painting similarly.  You should be able to binary search your way through the row grid to find the first one that intersects the dirty rect.

> Is this a good summary?

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