[webkit-dev] Local Storage (SQL Database) not working in my app built with XCode

Adam Thorsen adam.thorsen at gmail.com
Fri May 14 06:48:22 PDT 2010

I've got a minimal browser app that is linked against the WebKit framework
that I'm building with XCode.  I'm developing a website that uses some HTML5
local storage features, including the ability to create a local SQL
database.  This site works properly in in Safari and Chrome, but I can't
create the database in my WebKit based app (I just get a null return value
when I call "openDatabase(shortName, version, displayName, maxSize)."  What
do I need to do to be able to build an app that can create a local SQL

I've posted on cocoa-dev and webkit-help already a few days ago, so this
post is a last resort.  Apologies if this is too off-topic.


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