[webkit-dev] Help with review of EFL CMake patches?

Leandro Pereira leandro at profusion.mobi
Thu May 6 17:37:15 PDT 2010


On Mon, May 3, 2010 at 6:09 PM, Patrick Roland Gansterer
<paroga at paroga.com> wrote:
> (...) but there a some parts which are not good for a "general buildsystem".
> E.g. INCLUDE(Options${PORT}) doesn't support different ports well, since
> ports share some parts. (There some other points too; I'll post them on the
> bug)

The idea of a Options${PORT} file is to put only the port-specific
checks and defaults there. They'll be different for each and every
port, and even if they're roughly the same, I don't think they should
be inside the same file, for two reasons: 1) it eases the review
process whenever one tries to update port-specific rules: the changes
to ${PORT} files shouldn't break any other port; and 2) it keeps the
main files cleaner.

Regarding (2): In the beginning, the EFL port would use autotools (as
used by the GTK+ port), but despite its syntax not helping maintain a
clean file, having lots of conditionals for the EFL and GTK+ port made
that build system, which was already difficult to maintain, a lot
worse. This is akin to having port-specific stuff into
platform-independent files, by #ifdefing things around. Sometimes it
is needed, but I think this should be avoided as much as possible.



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