[webkit-dev] Windows Bots?

Brian Weinstein bweinstein at apple.com
Thu Mar 25 18:58:22 PDT 2010

My theory as to what is happening is that:

- The Windows Release tests take ~500 seconds to run.
- The Windows Debug tests take ~950 seconds to run.

The master is currently configured so that both Windows test bots (apple-windows-3 and apple-windows-4 - as seen in WebKitTools/BuildSlaveSupport/build.webkit.org-config/config.json) both currently run Debug and Release Tests. This means that they both have to keep two trees up to date (the debug and release trees), and that ~2/3 of the
time on both machines will be spend running the slower debug tests, causing them both to fall behind.

My idea for a solution to this is to reconfigure the master so that one computer is running one kind of test (3 runs debug, 4 runs release or vice versa). This would mean that the bots would only need to keep one tree up to date (dropping the amount of time they need to spend in the svn step (which is surprisingly slow on inspection)), and it would mean if the debug bot fell behind, the release bot would be able to stay caught up with the commits.

If there are any objections to this proposal, reply back on webkit-dev, if not, it would be great to get the master changed to make this happen.

I think another reason it was especially bad today was that in the past 24 hours there have been 100+ commits, which is much higher than the average.

Brian Weinstein

On Mar 25, 2010, at 4:26 PM, Eric Seidel wrote:

> Does anyone know what's up with the windows bots?
> http://build.webkit.org/builders/Windows%20Release%20%28Tests%29
> http://build.webkit.org/builders/Windows%20Debug%20%28Tests%29
> They seem wedged.  Or maybe they're just super slow?
> -eric

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