[webkit-dev] upgrading sqlite library

Dumitru Daniliuc dumi at chromium.org
Thu Mar 25 17:34:12 PDT 2010


i have a few questions about the sqlite library that webkit uses:

1. what version is it?
2. is there any reason why we cannot upgrade it?
3. what would it take to upgrade it? is there a standard process that i
could go through?

it seems to me that webkit's sqlite library has some bugs that were fixed in
a later version (a HTML5 DB test fails 100% of the time in safari and DRT,
but passes 100% of the time in chromium and as a standalone program linked
directly to sqlite 3.4.2), so i would like to build a newer library and see
if that fixes the problem in safari and DRT; and if it does, push it to

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